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An Important Announcement

I regret to announce that no further site updates are planned, except perhaps for an occasional announcement if something significant should happen.

For several years, HyperCard fans have done everything we could think of to encourage Apple to update HyperCard, but our efforts have had little impact. Apple managers say in private that no further updates are planned. Apple disbanded their HyperCard team, and Kevin Calhoun (the team leader who kept HyperCard alive at Apple for many years) has left Apple.

Perhaps someday Apple will sell HyperCard's technology to another other company to develop, or will make it open source, but that hasn't happened yet and I've heard rumors that Apple isn't interested in doing either of those things.

There have also been rumors that Apple might modify the current version of HyperCard so it'll run natively under System X. That would be a welcome move, but unfortunately it won't have much impact on HyperCard's decline unless Apple also adds new features (such as fully-integrated color) that are long overdue.

It's a sad situation for those of us who have loved HyperCard. Many HyperCard users are reluctantly switching to other programs that are more up-to-date and that have a future. The most popular HyperCard-like programs are SuperCard (an excellent program, though Mac-only), MetaCard (a powerful, cross-platform program), and Revolution (which uses the MetaCard engine, but with a friendlier interface). MetaCard and Revolution are too expensive for most hobbyists, but free demo versions are available which might be all you need. Until December 15, Revolution is offering a $199 sale price for users of HyperCard or SuperCard. This is a great deal; I strongly recommend that you consider it! I think MetaCard is also doing something similar. Check their web sites for more information and for links to discussion groups.

If you decide to stick with HyperCard, here are some useful links: The HyperCard Mailing List (the best HyperCard discussion group); Apple's HyperCard Download Page (the free Player, etc.); and HyperCard Bugs info. You'll find additional resources on my Links page.

I've enjoyed running this site and have appreciated your friendship and support!

- Jim Stephenson, Nov. 17, 2001




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