Just in case you're interested in my change log; when I did what in ChipWits...

v0.82, 2008-03-11 * Added a language: Spanish (thanks, Geraldo!).
* Fixed a minor bug: default directories for ChipWits/Environments didn't work properly.
v0.81, 2007-08-27 * Fixed the environment files (bug - thanks, Eric!).
v0.8, 2007-06-28 * Added a language: French (thanks, Domibi!).
* Some minor changes to frame sizes to make sure French and German fit properly.

v0.7, 2007-02-23 * Changed the environment definition: for each room, choose tile sets for floor, wall, door.
* Fixed a bug: ChipWit chewing at the very top of the room caused an error in ShowTile.
* Fixed some other minor bugs.
* Added the last environment: Mystery Matrix!
* Added 'Save, Save As' into Workshop menu.
* Added 'Delete Chip' to RClick menu

v0.61, 2007-02-21 * Added the environment 'Octopus Garden'. Now only one missing: Mystery matrix (100 rooms!).

v0.6, 2007-02-20 * Bugfix: Chip Usage is not shown in edit mode.
* In editing, you can now insert/delete lines and columns (RClick).
* Added a status bar at the bottom to automatically show the hints.
* You can now set/remove breakpoints in the chips to make debugging easier (RClick).
* Fixed a bug in pick up score.
* Added the Peace Paths environment. (Missing: Octopus Garden)
* Added Sound - as original as possible (captured off the emulator).

* Maps missing: Octpous garden (already mapped) and Mystery Matrix (100 rooms!)
* File compatibility with new ChipWits program as soon as it's implemented.

v0.51, 2007-02-06 * 0.51 - Two quick bugfixes :)

v0.5, 2007-01-31 * Killed several bugs, especially in the option screen (thanks, other Klaus!).
* Made the code a bit neater.
* Got a polish translation from Piotr! :)
* Shift-Clicking Walk or Run means 'Keep going forever' - nice for tests and demos.
* Drag-n-Dropping a chip to the delete button implemented in the editor.
* Added new link in Info form: http://www.ChipWits.com is back!
* Optionally loads last ChipWit upon startup.
* Optionally loads last Environment upon startup.
* Optionally show a thin red line on each chip in debug - helps to find out how much it was used.
* RClick in debug window shows details about the Chip and (optionally) how often it was used.
* RClick in environment shows details about the selected tile.
* Still missing: sound. Original is not that good, though.
* Newly missing: file compatibility with the new ChipWits. Will come next version!

v0.45, 2007-01-08 * Added Options (still rather simple)
* Added translations: English and German (Polish and/or Russian will follow shortly - thanks, Piotr!)
* Sound still missing: original sound isn't all that great...

v0.42, 2006-12-20 * Environment format changed yet again - now every room can have its own tile set.
* All 8 tile sets now available.
* Rear view of ChipWit view now thinner (original).
* Thanks to Piotr, got ChipWits running in an emulator - graphics much easier!
* Chewing animation added.
* Some small graphics fixes.
* Only thing really missing: sound.

v0.4, 2006-12-11 * Drag&Drop in Debug Window implemented.
* Button 'Remove last panel' hidden if there's only one panel.
* Load ChipWit or Environment: default is the last one loaded.
* Added the 'Boom Town' environment, thanks to Tom.
* Added the 'Memory Lanes' environment.
* ChipWit now inverts if damaged.
* ZAPping is animated.
* Kicked the operator graphics out of the form (they get copied instead) - makes the EXE smaller.
* Combined the two Quickref pages into a single PDF.
* Even more bugs fixed.

v0.31, 2006-12-04 * Environment format changed - now more flexible and much more readable to humans. Lots of code change as a result.
* Quite a few bugs fixed.
* Added version number into heading, but only at start.
* Added the 'Doom Rooms' environment, and the C=64 Octobuster ChipWit from Tom.

v0.3, 2006-12-02 * Some bugs fixed. * Trashcan icon added. * Program now warns you if you've changed your ChipWit and want to exit/load a new one. * 'Save As' implemented. * Stats now show the reason the ChipWit finished. * Starting a mission immediately sets the speed to 'Walk'. * Improved the Keypress Argument handling in IBOL. * Handbook & QuickReference included in release.

v0.26, 2006-11-27 * Series of fixes after testing over the weekend.

v0.25, 2006-11-24 * Most bugs killed, editor improved, ready for a weekend of testing by friends and cow-orkers.

v0.2, 2006-11-23 * First version which can be demonstrated. Some minor bugs remain.

v0.1, 2006-10-20 * System development started (first, convert all graphics).

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Last modified March 10th, 2008