Here's a quick and dirty overview of my program VGAP4 Mapper, which is used to display/annotate/save and print maps from the game VGA Planets v4.

Newsflash: The program has now been released under the GPL, meaning it's Open Source, and you can feel free to laugh at the code. It's written in Borland Delphi, and could possibly also compile under Kylix (Delphi for Linux).

First things first: some screen shots. This is the best way to show you just what you're looking at.
These screenshots are a bit outdated (the current version is 0.8b), but it'll give you a good idea:

The info screen After starting the program and loading a map, this tab will show you basic information about the map.
The map, using normal colors The map display, zoomed all the way out, using standard colors.
Zoomed into the map, using temperature colors The map display again, this time zoomed in a bit, and using planet names and colors.
The map source The map source.
The configuration screen The configuration screen.

Now that I've sufficiently bored you with pretty pictures, perhaps you'd like to download the latest version [423 KB], which includes the source code (under the GPL).

If you prefer, you could also just look at the readme file, and decide wether it's worth it.

Of course, all feedback is very much appreciated. Click to email: 
If you can't see my email above (had to disguise it for the cursed spammers), either enable Java, or check my readme.

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Last modified November 27th, 2003