Games and Utilities by Klaus Breuer (1968 - 2013)

A Note from the Archivist

On April 30, 2013, game developer and programmer Klaus Breuer passed away. This site is a memorial for a German-Canadian whose contributions to the game development industry deserve to be honoured. To my knowledge, almost all of Klaus's games disappeared from the web (until now), and this site's purpose is to preserve those games in his memory.

Please visit his mother (Rosemarie's) memorial page for memories of Klaus and photos of him with his family.

I have preserved Klaus's original site here. Most links and images have been archived, however there are a few dead links.

If you have any of Klaus's software or contributions to this archive, you can contact me on mastodon or by e-mail: [vga] [@]


February 26, 2023:
  • Created memorial site and added links to all known software. Klaus's original personal home page was archived from the Internet archive's wayback machine here.
  • Added Internet Archive mirrors for all hosted game files.
  • Added the archivist's contact information.
  • Moved the site to a sub-directory on this domain.

    Below are links to Klaus's game and software projects, along with some of his writing on games.

    ChipWits for Windows 95/NT (2006)
    ChipWits is Klaus's 2006 conversion of Doug Sharp & Mike Johnson's ChipWits (Macintosh) educational game. Klaus's version uses the original B&W Macintosh tile set, and retains identical gameplay and a similar UI. You can read about his project here. It has been tested in Windows 10 and runs fine. ChipWits version 0.9 beta
    or from Internet Archive mirror

    ChipWits version 0.81
    or from Internet Archive mirror
    MechWar for MS-DOS (1992)
    MechWar is Klaus's shareware or more accurately "cardware" computerized re-imagining of the original FASA board game BattleTech. Sending Klaus a postcard in 1992 earned you a mention in the game's Hall of Heroes. Klaus describes the game himself,

    "Some time ago, FASA Corporation brought out a game by the name of BattleTech. The game centers about 12m high humanoid robots packed to the brim with all kinds of destructive weapons, trying to stomp each other into the ground. I know this sound a lot like the Transformer Junk, but believe me, it's lots of fun. Evidentially I'm not the only one who thinks so: the game is a huge success and is now also available as a role playing game. The only disadvantage, in my eyes, is that you need other people to play it, and they might not be prepared to spend 15h per day on it... Also, I wanted to find a quick way of testing new Mechs and new strategies, and thus I started looking for a computer version. I found several, but they were either Role Playing Games (Infocom) or Arcade Games (Activision). Thus I decided to write a straight translation of the board game."
    MechWar version 1.12
    or from Internet Archive mirror

    MechWar version 1.01
    or from Internet Archive mirror
    CarWars Vehicle Designer for Windows (2009)
    CarWars Vehicle Designer is a tool Klaus designed to create record sheets for Steve Jackson Games' Car Wars tabletop RPG. HUGE thank you to Kelly Tryon who generously sent the archivist a copy of Car Wars v0.6.3fl! You can also view the manual for the program here (PDF format) and visit Klaus's page for the project here. Car Wars Vehicle Designer 0.6.3fl beta or from the Internet Archive mirror.
    EMTD for Windows
    Sadly, very little is known about this game, aside from the single screenshot. The page was not archived in waybackmachine, and no download currently exists. If you have a copy of this game, please e-mail the archivist! [vga] [at] None available at the moment :(
    VGA Planets 4.0 Mapping Tool for Windows 95/NT
    Klaus created this utility to allow players to map out star systems in the popular VGA Planets BBS Door game. He released it under the GPL open source license, and the download includes both the program and its Borland Delphi source code. You can read Klaus's description of the utility here. VGA Planets 4.0 Mapper Utility version 0.8 beta.
    or from Internet Archive mirror.